JIO Tracker Features

Location Tracking

Knowing where your field staffs are is easier now with Jio Tracker. It gives real time location as well as all the locations that have been visited previously. You get to know where exactly they have been and what activities they have performed. So with this GPS Location Tracker Android App you can optimize the productivity levels of your sales team


Attendance Management

Your Staff can mark their Attendance.The Dataman Employee GPS Location Tracker shows the entire route covered by the user. The location data is presented to you in the form of maps. It even generates various kinds of reports.


Visit Management

Salesman can visit to the mapped Retailer and can update about order and recovery etc.



It refer to the Retailer's Performance Evaluation w.r.t order,target,achievement,Schemes.


Update Retailer's Location

Salesman after reaching his mapped shop will update the Latitude & Longitude of Retailer's Shop.



Admin and Higher Authorities can push the message to Salesman as and when required.


Free for Up to 25 Users