About Us

OYU InfoTech Pvt. Ltd brings you “Jio Tracker“, a Mobile App to track the Location of field staff as well as Office Staff. It begins with attendance marking and then keeps track of the salesman every minute till he Signs Off. Throughout the day, “Jio Tracker“ captures his location and visit to his mapped shops, what we expect is the Salesman should be there for at least 10 minutes otherwise he can not Check Out. For better efficiency and control, Higher level Management can keep an eye on Lower level. Any time they can see location of subordinates and push instructions to them as and when required.

In addition to our flagship products – Admin can watch all employees of the group, branches and locations. Admin panel contains lot of reports which are divided into three parts viz. Basic Reports, Essential Reports and Exception reports. Essential reports allow you see total running, Visits, cluster wise reports, retailer tagging reports etc. Exception reports can tell you like attendance marked from home, Salesman visit to home during work, incorrect visits during any period. .

Free for Up to 25 Users